Brisbane Snake Catcher Video Shows How Snakes Can Breath While Eating

Snake catchers in Brisbane were given a rare opportunity to show how snakes breath while they’re eating when they were called out to Sinnamon Park property to handle a snake that caught a bird at a feeder on February 17.

Snake Catchers Brisbane captured video of a carpet python eating a little corella and explained the process.

“While the snakes mouth is stretched to its limits around the prey, the glottis (which opens into the trachea/windpipe) hangs out, which allows them to breathe the entire time!”

Snake Catchers Brisbane said the python likely waited “in ambush” and nabbed the bird while it was visiting the bird feeder.

“If you decide to feed the wild birds, be prepared to also end up feeding the wild snakes,” they wrote on Facebook. Credit: Snake Catchers Brisbane via Storyful