Brie Larson reveals she had to stand in car while wearing her SAG Awards dress

Brie Larson has revealed she had to stand in a car while wearing her outfit at the 2024 SAG Awards.

The 34-year-old actor opened up about her custom-made Versace look during an interview with Entertainment Tonight (ET) on 24 February, while on the red carpet of the SAG Awards. During the event, Larson wore a long pink skirt, with a criss-cross design at the front, and a matching, cropped, long-sleeved top. She also had her hair curled and a pink lipstick on.

While speaking to ET, Larson was asked how she got into the car to the event, as she had the puffy pink skirt on. In response, she simply said: “I had to stand.”

However, she still expressed how grateful she was to be wearing such a stunning outfit. “It’s so beautiful. I’m just so thrilled. I’ve never worn anything like this before and I feel amazing,” she said.

On the red carpet on Saturday night, she also expressed how meaningful it was to be at the event with so many fellow actors, noting that “moments like this matter”.

“It’s beyond this whole nomination, winning. All of that is lovely, and it’s of course a huge part of it, but it’s so rare when this many [people] get to be together,” she told ET. “We inspire each other and we watch each other’s things and to have that moment where you get to like feel all realities and worlds are colliding is magical.”

Larson was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series at the SAG Awards for her role in Lessons in Chemistry. The award ultimately went to Ali Wong for her role in Beef.

Last month, Larson also went viral for her appearance at a different awards show. More specifically, she was brought to tears during the Golden Globes when she had the opportunity to meet one of her inspirations: Jennifer Lopez.

“I can’t. I’m gonna cry. I’m gonna cry. I can’t,” the Captain Marvel star said amid an ET interview on the red carpet of the Golden Globes. Shen then fanned herself and added: “[Jennifer Lopez] is the reason why I wanted to be an actor.”

When Lopez walked by, Larson went on to explain to her: “You mean so much to me. Oh my God, I’m such a huge fan. The Marry Me star then responded by saying she’s also “such a huge fan” of Larson.

After Larson expressed how much Lopez’s 1997 film, Selena, meant to her, she continued to applaud the singer’s career. “You’ve always meant so much to me. It’s been a dream of mine. Your work ethic is so important, thank you,” the Room star said, before Lopez thanked her.

Larson acknowledged how difficult it was for her to interact with Lopez, explaining: “I’ve been wanting to say that to you for a long time so I’m really – I didn’t think it was going to be right now. Okay. I’m gonna have to go do a shot of tequila or something.” In response, the “Let’s Get Loud” singer quipped: “I just did one.”

During an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe after the Golden Globes, Lopez was also brought to tears when recalling her viral interaction with Larson and how much it meant to her.

“It was very lovely to have an experience like that. I don’t think I ever imagined I would have an experience like that with somebody who is so talented and who I watched their movies,” she said. “Who is kinda in a way, my contemporary.”