Brie Bella responds to speculation that she has a 'baby bump'

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Brie Bella is setting the record straight. On Wednesday, the WWE star responded to speculation that she might be pregnant with a third child — she's mom to 4-year-old Birdie and welcomed son Buddy last August — after posting a video of herself and twin sister Nikki sporting carry-alls from their new collaboration with Colugo.

While Bella's caption says the pair are "getting ready to hit the vineyard," followed by a wineglass emoji, some fans claimed they saw the TV personality (pictured left, in the sage green dress) sporting a "lil bump."

"Baby #3 for Brie??" one commenter asked, while another posted, "Brie looks pregnant."

Not so, the 37-year-old, who is married to fellow wrestler Daniel Bryan, says.

"Not pregnant, just PMSing in the photo for all who are wondering," she wrote in her comments section. "I'm the type of [woman] who retains 5-7 lbs. of water each month — sucks but that's life. Plus, after two C-sections it's usually obvious what I consumed in a day. But I have two amazing babies so I'll take the extra weight and fluctuations. Thank you."

Her comment got a big show of support from fans, many of whom complained that women shouldn't have to field "rude" questions about their bodies.

"Why do people feel the need to ask if she's pregnant?" read one comment. "Poor girl can't even [have] a tiny tummy [without] everybody insinuating she's pregnant."

"Can we normalize not asking women that didn't announce they're pregnant if they're pregnant?" another follower wrote.

Bella has previously addressed her postpartum figure, even sharing a photo of her "treasure marks" on Instagram.

"I definitely feel there’s too much pressure to bounce back," she told Yahoo Life's So Mini Ways earlier this month. "For some reason, social media makes you feel like you always need to be your best self. I wanted other women to know that the journey of losing baby weight is hard and that I am right there with them on the battle, [dealing with] the insecurities and the pressure. I call my stretch marks treasure marks because I was tired of looking at them as a negative, instead of as a positive. Birdie and Buddy created those and they are my everything!"

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