Bridget Moynahan says she ‘had no reservations or insecurities about turning 50': 'I feel like I look really good'

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Bridget Moynahan is keeping it real about aging.

The 50-year-old model and actress recently talked with Glamour about reprising her role on the Sex in the City reboot, among other topics. When asked about aging, she revealed that she was not afraid of getting older.

"I actually had no reservations or insecurities about turning 50," Moynahan admitted. "I have a very strong confidence and self-awareness of how I feel and what I look like. I feel like I look really good at 50. So I don't get caught up in the age game, or the weight game or any other game that society or people might put on you when you turn a certain age. I'm feeling really great. I think I look really great. It's just a number."

She added not having to deal with the pressures of social media growing up played a part in her nonchalance about aging.

"Well, I grew up in New England, playing sports, hanging out at the beach, so [none of that stuff] was a focus among my friends and peers growing up. I know it is such a focus in this generation with TikTok and Instagram and all these things, and I don't even know what's going on half the time. It seems like a lot of work, whatever it is. I just don't have any interest to get caught up in it," she said.

Moynahan, who married businessman Andrew Frankel in 2015 at age 44 and recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary, also talked about finding love in her 40s after dating several high-profile men like Tom Brady, with whom she shares son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan. The pair split before his birth in 2007.

The Blue Bloods star could not help gushing about Frankel, calling him a "good human being with none of the pretension" and admitted that age may play a part in why she is able to appreciate those qualities in a partner.

"He's a really good person and a good partner. I don't think as a younger person I understood what that meant when it pertains to real-life situations. I think that's what some of my girlfriends who are dating now are missing. They're looking for who's cute … just a little bit more of a superficial thing. Luckily, I got everything in the same package, but sometimes the quality things are a little bit lower on the hit list for people and the more superficial are the first top five things they're looking for. I think I missed that as a younger person. I was maybe looking for something different. You're also never anywhere for any period of time. I was always traveling, so you are always away from your partner," Moynahan added.

As far as what is next for the star whenever the time comes for Blue Bloods, a role she took so her son could be close to his father, Moynahan said that she is optimistic about the opportunities available for women, noting Mare of Easttown and The Handmaid's Tale.

"So because of that, I feel that next step will open its doors when this wraps, whenever that may be. I know there is such incredible work being produced out there, and I really feel like something great will come along when this is done," she continued. "Until then, this is absolutely wonderful and it gives all of us here the freedom to have a life with our families."