The Bridgerton Challenge is going viral on TikTok

Daniella Scott
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Obviously we're all completely obsessed with Bridgerton at the moment. Of course we are: it's beautiful people in very ornate period costume gossiping and having sex. What's not to like? (apart from accidentally watching it with your parents). The Shonda Rhimes series only landed on Netflix a mere week and a half ago but it's already got the nation hooked, so it makes sense that it's already got it's own viral TikTok challenge. TikTok and Bridgerton? What a dreamy combination.

The challenge sees people comparing things like getting ready, flirting and gossiping in the 1800s to doing those same things today, with users stitching Netflix's clips of Bridgerton to their own, and people have really worked their comedic magic on these TikToks.

Because Netflix knows what we want before we even think it, they actually started the challenge, uploading three iconic moments from the series including the infamous fan drop scene between Daphne and Prince Friederich, Lady Violet instigating a gossiping sesh and Prudence having her corset tightened while dressing.

Hey, at least this gives us something to do while we sit around patiently waiting (and crossing our fingers) for a second series.

Brb got to get on TikTok for a deep dive into the Bridgerton hashtag.

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