Bridge collapses into flooded river after heavy rain in Indonesia

This is the terrifying moment a bridge was washed away by a river that burst its banks after heavy rain.

The powerful current battered the wooden Molintogupo Bridge, in Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo Province, Indonesia, Thursday (June 11).

Residents were heard screaming watching the bridge destroyed by the flood on the Bone River. There were no casualties in this disaster.

The bridge connects the Central and South Suwawa Districts, so residents in the two areas were left stranded by the collapse.

"All access to the location was interrupted," said Jefri Mewo, Head of the Gorontalo Province Search and Relief Office.

The overflowing of the Bone River also flooded several villages. Officials immediately began work on a temporary steel bridge.

Residents said the bridge in the same location was flooded in 2016. The local government plans to move the bridge to another location.

Floods caused by heavy rain and tropical downpours hit 43 villages in Gorontalo Province. Thousands of residents had to be evacuated because their houses were affected.