Bride surprises father with sweet tribute before walking down the aisle: ‘This made me cry’

A bride and her father have gone viral after a video captured their emotional moment before walking down the aisle.

In a TikTok shared by Villa Botanica – a wedding venue located in Queensland, Australia – the bride was dressed in her white wedding gown and held a bouquet of flowers as her father stood beside her. Before heading down the aisle, the song “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You” by Bryan Adams began to play.

“This sweet bride surprised her dad before they walked down the aisle together, by choosing her parents’ wedding song,” Villa Botanica wrote over the clip.

The video then captured the emotional moment her father realised his wedding song was playing. In the clip, he could be seen hugging his daughter and kissing her on the cheek, while she tried to stifle tears. He ultimately gave in when he wiped his tears with a napkin.

“The most sentimental father-daughter moment before walking down the aisle,” they captioned the clip.

Since it was posted last week, the sweet video has received 3.8m views on TikTok. In the comments, many people gushed over the daughter’s heartfelt tribute to her parents, while others couldn’t help but cry too.

“This made me cry,” commented one person, as another joked: “Never cried so much since joining this app.”

“You can see him play his wedding day back in his eyes for a sec,” one user noted.

“Dad’s face is everything!!” another person commented.


The most sentimental father-daughter moment before walking down the aisle 😭😭🤍 #weddingday #weddingdress #fatherdaughtermoments

♬ original sound - Villabotanicawhitsundays

Recently, another woman was praised online for telling guests to avoid eating the food at her sister’s wedding. In a post shared to Reddit, the woman explained how she and her husband were married eight months ago and had a lot of leftover food from the ceremony.

“We had a BIG wedding with lots of food and drinks and people. I knew we would likely have leftovers, so had arranged for them to be donated to the soup kitchen we sometimes work with,” she wrote. “However, my mom went behind my back and took most of it with her. I didn’t really know what happened to the food. Until now.”

She shared that her sister’s recent wedding was planned by her mother, but confessed that something was “odd” about the buffet.

“The food looked eerily familiar,” she wrote. “Like, identical to what I had for my wedding except for a little more dried out and sad.” She noted that when she asked her mother about the food, her mom revealed that the food was from her earlier wedding.

“She happily told me she ‘saved a fortune’ by unfreezing the food from my wedding to serve to the guests now,” the woman wrote. “I was horrified and immediately voiced my concerns about safety. She got upset and said I was acting like a snob and should be happy the food wasn’t going to waste. I argued that it was never going to be wasted, but she wouldn’t hear it.”

However, the woman still warned her sister and “discreetly” told some of the guests to “be wary of the food”. Although she acknowledged that “rest of the night was fine,” she said that she has since been criticised by her relatives for speaking to the guests about the food.

The Independent has contacted Villa Botanica for comment.