A Bride Caught Her Future Mother-in-Law Trying on Her Wedding Dress Before Her Nuptials: 'I Felt Disgusted'

The bride also shared that her fiancé “freaked out” and tried to prevent her from going in the room where her future mother-in-law was trying on the dress



A bride is seeking some guidance online after she says she caught her future mother-in-law trying on her wedding dress — and is asking for her to pay for a new one.

The bride posted on Reddit’s popular AITA forum that she had bought her wedding dress “weeks ago” as she was planning on marrying her fiancé soon. However, after she purchased it, she said her future mother-in-law kept “pestering” her about wanting to try it on due to her “love for wedding dresses” and “obsession” with them. She even offered the bride $100 for a chance to wear it.

The bride said that when she got home early one day, her fiancé “freaked out” and tried to “prevent” her from going into her room while texting someone on the phone. When the bride finally entered the room, she said she was surprised by what she saw.

“I opened the door and was shocked to see his mom standing there wearing my dress,” she wrote on Reddit. “I instantly pulled out my phone and took a photo of her in it.”

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The bride then told her fiancé's mother that she needed to “pay” her for a new dress in “three days” or else she would “show the whole family the photo.” This prompted the woman to cry while her fiancé claimed she “blew up” and that she “overreacted.”

“I refused to listen to him because in my opinion, the dress should only be worn by the bride and the bride only,” she explained, adding that she didn’t want to be “vicious,” but wanted to hold her future mother-in-law “accountable.”

“Quite frankly, I felt disgusted looking at the dress again, I don't want it anymore. And so I think it's fair that she pays me after she ruined it for me,” the bride-to-be added.

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She said her fiancé “yelled” at her and told her to stop treating his mom “as if she was an enemy.” He then left and has been staying with his mom ever since.

In an update, she shared that her fiancé “offered to pay for the dress himself,” but also wanted her to give her phone to him so he could delete the photo of his mom, as well as to apologize to his mom and “quit” his family group chat and log out of Facebook for a month.

Several people in the comments not only sided with the bride, but also noted that her fiancé played a role in letting this happen. Dozens of responses said that her “problem” was not her future-mother-in-law but her fiancé instead.

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One person wrote, “Are you sure you want to marry this guy? He stood guard outside your bedroom so that his mother could try on your wedding dress. Do you think he will ever stand up for you against her?”

Another person commented, “He knowingly went behind your back to help his mom try on your dress. He knew it was wrong, he knew you would be upset and yet he did it anyway. Then he doubled down and defended his mother when you caught them. You don't have a MIL problem, you have a husband problem.”

“Why are you still going through with the wedding? Return the dress and the fiancé,” another simply wrote.

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