Brianna Ghey’s mother breaks down in tears as she says she would meet killer’s mother

Brianna Ghey’s mother cried in a heart-breaking interview where she said she would be willing to meet the mother of her daughter’s killer.

Esther Ghey said she wanted the mother of 16-year-old murderer Scarlett Jenkinson to know that she does not “blame her for what her child’s done”.

She told the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg: “If she did want to contact me and she does want to speak then I’m open to that. I’d like to understand more, like how their lives were and what they went through

“And I also want her to know that I understand how difficult being a parent is in this current day and age – with technology and phones and the internet and how hard it is to monitor what your child is on.

“So yeah, if she ever does want to speak to me I’m here.”

Ms Ghey had already called for “empathy and compassion” for the murderers’ families as “they too have lost a child” and “must live the rest of their lives knowing what their child has done”.

Jenkinson and accomplice Eddie Ratcliffe were sentenced for the murder of their transgender victim on Friday. Jenkinson must serve a minimum of 22 years before parole and Ratcliffe 20 years.

Brianna was stabbed with a hunting knife 28 times in her head, neck, chest and back after being lured to Linear Park, Culcheth, a village near Warrington, Cheshire, on the afternoon of February 11, last year.

Both Jenkinson and Ratcliffe were aged 15 when they carried out the “disturbing” plan to murder Brianna, 16, in a “frenzied and ferocious” attack.

Manchester Crown Court previously heard how Jenkinson had “enjoyed” the killing and she found the thought of violence “sexually arousing”.

After the sentencing, and the decision to lift the media ban on naming the culprits, Jenkinson’s family said in a statement to the Warrington Guardian: “All of our thoughts are for Brianna and her family.

The last 12 months have been beyond our worst nightmares as we have come to realise the brutal truth of Scarlett’s actions.

“We agree with the jury’s verdict, the judge’s sentence and the decision to name the culprits.”

They went on to thank Ms Ghey for her “incredible selflessness and empathy towards their family”.

“Her compassion is overwhelming and we are forever grateful,” they said.