‘I use breast milk to make soap’: Mum says she makes £82,000 from bizarre venture

 (Jam Press)
(Jam Press)

A mother has claimed she has made a six-figure sum after selling soaps made from breast milk.

Taylor Robinson uses a combination of defrosted, donated and expired milk. She then mixes the milk with different oils.

The 31-year-old makes custom orders which see other mothers ship their breast milk from across the world to her bespoke business.

She got the idea two years ago when breastfeeding son Leo – with her friend asking for the ingredient in a bar of soap.

The mother-of-two has gone on to make £82,000 ($100,000) – selling the soaps for £11.50 ($14) a bar or £82 ($100) for a whole load.

The health benefits of breast milk are thought to reduce redness, oiliness, acne, sensitivity and itchiness, according to news agency Jam Press.

“The reactions vary from extreme disgust to absolute admiration,” Robinson, from Jackson, Ohio, US, told NeedToKnow.online.

She added: “It’s such a beautiful part of motherhood that goes into our soaps.”

“It seems like the older and much younger generations are usually grossed out by it. But Millennials and Gen-Z are aware of how amazing breast milk is.”

Taylor Robinson combines defrosted and expired milk with different oils (Jam Press/ @leojudesoapco)
Taylor Robinson combines defrosted and expired milk with different oils (Jam Press/ @leojudesoapco)

“When my friend asked me to make her one at first I did think it was a little weird.

“It was odd she wanted to use my breast milk but after reading about it I realised how amazing it is and got to it.”

Robinson started her business in 2020 with just £165 ($200). In early 2021 that she decided to introduce the quirky beauty product into the range.

She credits the success of her business Leo Jude Soap Co – named after her three-year-old son – to the quirky ingredient.

Reporting by Jam Press.