Breaking Down the Dramatic ‘The Bear’ Season 3 Finale

“the bear” — “forever” — season 3, episode 10 airs thursday, june 27th — pictured ayo edebiri as sydney adamu cr fx
Breaking Down the Dramatic ‘The Bear’ S3 FinaleFX

*Spoilers for The Bear season 3 finale below!*

We all know the feeling of waiting for that one notification or message that can possibly change everything. Well, that's how it felt like watching the final episode of season 3 of The Bear, which just recently came back to screens in a surprise drop. But before that, we also had to say goodbye to something major: Ever. That's right, Chef Terry's restaurant is closing down for good and they're sending it off in style with a major funeral dinner. Everyone who is anyone is going to be there, even some unexpected faces. A lot of old feelings bubble up and a lot of drama happens.

Here is the ultimate break down of The Bear season 3 finale.

It's time for another funeral...

Whoever wrote the episode descriptions for this show totally knew what they were doing when they wrote that for the show's Hulu page and while it's not exactly what we thought was going to happen, it doesn't make it any sadder.

Ever is officially closing its doors, but this time mostly because Chef Terry decided that she was done with the restaurant and not because of business reasons like several other restaurants that were featured earlier in the series. To say goodbye, she decides to host a funeral dinner and invite everyone to come experience Ever one last time.

But, before that, we actually have a flashback to one of Carmy's good cooking experiences under real-life Chef Thomas Keller. He talks about legacy and how by working there, Carmy will certainly leave something behind.

Richie and Carmy are one of the first to arrive and Carmy looks back at some of the photos featuring people who used to work in the restaurant and one image of Bradley Cooper in Chef that is totally making us want to re-watch that film. They don't speak to each other then, but it does seem to hit the both of them that Ever is closing for good. And then Luca also arrives, bringing Carmy into a giant hug.

“the bear” — “forever” — season 3, episode 10 airs thursday, june 27th — pictured jeremy allen white as carmen “carmy” berzatto cr fx

And it's like Richie never left!

Richie immediately heads back to hang out with the rest of the Ever staff deciding to be with them for the big ending rather than up on front with the rest of the chefs who were invited.

Poor Luca tries to talk to Chef Grant Achatz to figure out all his secrets behind some of his work, but doesn't get very far with some of his questions. Luca later joins Sydney, Carmy, and several IRL chefs as they share more about how they got to where they were and also what keeps them in the business.

But as the conversations, food, and wine starts flowing, Carmy spots a familiar someone across the way...

“the bear” — “forever” — season 3, episode 10 airs thursday, june 27th — pictured jeremy allen white as carmen “carmy” berzatto cr fx

GASP! It's Chef David!

AKA the New York chef that caused Carmy to spiral and continues to haunt him even know. Seeing him go over to the bathroom, Carmy confronts him letting him know that he still thinks about him and he is the reason why he struggles still mentally. David says that he doesn't think about him at all and all he did was make him a great chef. Freaking out, Carmy heads outside.

Meanwhile, Richie hangs out with the Ever staff as he asks Jessica what her big secret to staying inspired in this business. Jessica says that she surrounds herself with people who are better than her outside of her job, which Richie thinks over a bit.

As Luca and Syd talk to each other (do we see some sparks flying?!), Adam comes over to talk to her and ask if she's made up her mind about his offer. Syd admits that she hasn't talked to him yet because she hasn't found the right time, but that she plans to soon.

“the bear” — “forever” — season 3, episode 10 airs thursday, june 27th — pictured ayo edebiri as sydney adamu cr fx

How's Carmy doing?

Oh, well, Carmy is taking a bit of a "smoke break" outside only he's quit the cigs so he's really just standing out there by himself when Chef Terry comes over. Carmy thanks her for everything that he's learned from his time at Ever and she notes that she's learned when it's finally time to say goodbye and move on to the next thing.

Chef Terry congratulates him on the opening of The Bear and notes that the next time that they talk that she would like him to call her Andrea instead of chef, clearly putting them as equals now.

As the crew says goodbye to the place and also takes down the "Every Second Counts" sign from the kitchen, they end up going to the afterparty which is being held at Sydney's new place!

After party! After party!

While they eat some pizza and caviar—a combo that I hope to try in my lifetime—Syd sees an old review for The Beef on her fridge and starts to have a panic attack over the decision she has to make.

Meanwhile, Carmy receives a notification that the review is ready as well as some missing calls from Uncle Jimmy and The Computer. He just yells out "motherfucker," before the season ends leaving us wondering if it's good news or bad news.

“the bear” — “forever” — season 3, episode 10 airs thursday, june 27th — pictured ayo edebiri as sydney adamu cr fx

And that's it?!

Unfortunately for us, we will have to wait until season 4 to find out what exactly that review says and what it means for The Bear. But at least we know that it's coming back so we won't have to worry about just being left without an official answer.

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