Brazil's Bolsonaro avoids concession to Lula

STORY: Bolsonaro said that as President, he will continue to follow the constitution, without mentioning the government transition to President-elect Lula.

But Bolsonaro's chief of staff, Ciro Nogueira, speaking after his brief public address, said Bolsonaro had authorized him to begin the transition process with representatives of Lula.

It took Bolsonaro more than 44 hours to make his first public remarks since the election was decided by electoral authorities, making him the first Brazilian president to lose a re-election bid. He has still not spoken with Lula.

Amid his silence, supporters blocked highways to protest his defeat, with some calling for a military coup to stop former President Lula from returning to power.

Bolsonaro's delay in recognizing Lula's win raised fears that he would contest the narrow result of the election.