Brazilians protest after death of black teen

Residents of Sao Paulo took to the streets on Tuesday (June 16) following the death of a 15-year-old boy who was allegedly killed by police.

Guilherme Silva Guedes went missing on Sunday (June 14).

His body was later found with two gunshots to the head and signs of aggression on his body.

His grandmother was among those marching.

"They took my grandson. I just went to see my grandson at the cemetery, with two gunshots to the head, a gunshot in the hand. He was injured, they hit my grandson a lot. He didn't deserve what they did. He was a very good person."

On Tuesday, Sao Paulo's Civil Police confirmed two officers from the military police have been named as suspects.

Tuesday's protests were peaceful - after protesters burned buses on Monday (June 15).

According to Human Rights Watch, police killings are commonplace in Brazil and 3/4 of the nearly 9,000 people killed by Rio police in the past decade were black men.