Brazilians protest Bolsonaro, slow vaccine rollout

Protesters took to the streets of Brazil on Saturday, once again calling for President Jair Bolsonaro to resign.

Local media reported thousands attended demonstrations across at least thirteen states.

The country is grappling with the world's second-deadliest outbreak in the global health crisis after the United States.

That's on top of a slow vaccination rollout, as well as the government's refusal to back social distancing measures.

Protesters demanded more vaccines to fight the outbreak.

"If the people do nothing, nothing will change! That's why I'm here today!"

Demonstrations were supposed to be held later this month, but were pushed up after new evidence of corruption came out against Bolsonaro.

On Friday, a Brazilian Supreme Court Justice authorized the opening of an investigation into Bolsonaro over alleged 'irregularities' in the procurement of vaccines developed in India.

That evidence was brought before a Senate committee which is investigating the government's handling of the crisis.

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