Brazilian woman tells of devastation left by floods

Brazil's Bahia state, home to about 15 million people, has suffered from floods for weeks, after a historic dry spell gave way to record rains.

Rummaging through the rubble, Rocha remembers how she was alerted to the incoming floods during the early hours on Christmas Day.

The situation deteriorated significantly late on Christmas Eve, as many residents were forced to abandon their homes for higher ground after a pair of dams gave way.

"My godson arrived and said 'godmoter we have to go, the water is here, quickly, quickly'. That was at three in the morning," said Rocha.

The flood that levelled her entire neighbourhood and caused damages to 72 municipalities is deemed the worst disaster in the history of the Brazilian state of Bahia.

More than 20 people have been killed and tens of thousands have been displaced.

Rocha is devastated by the loss of her home.

"This was everything to me. Everything. The only thing I had was my home and now it's gone," she said. 'It is gone and I no longer have the courage to continue living here."

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