Brazilian start-up creates plaster cast alternative

This is a 3D-printed biodegradable cast

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

It was created by Brazilian start-up Fix It

as an eco alternative to plaster casts


"The polymer is made from beet bagasse, corn, and sugar cane. They are subjected to a process and become a fibre, which is used in printing. It is called PLA. It can degrade in up to nine months. In nine months it decomposes, can be disposed of as compost, and used as fertilizer."

The lightweight cast allows the skin to breathe

making it more comfortable for patients to wear


"First, the weight. You will feel it is a lot lighter, more comfortable, and it will not give you allergies. A cast itches, it bothers you, you sweat. Not with Fix It. It lets you breathe, it's lighter, it's much more comfortable even while you're undergoing treatment."

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