Brazilian shot putter trains for Paralympics

Brazilian shot putter readies for Tokyo Paralympics

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Former mechanic Antonio Wallace injured his legs in 2007

The 36-year-old ranks as the top shot putter in the Americas

and sixth in the world

He has broken his own national record three times

It's been a long road to Tokyo due to the delay

Wallace lost muscle mass and gained weight

But he has fought back


"I had been training in a place that was good for me. The weight of the shot for example, when I train - flat chest is 200 kilograms and I didn't have any way to do this at home...I lightened the loads, I lost muscle mass and I gained a little weight so returning was a little more complicated."

(SOUNDBITE) (Portuguese) BRAZILIAN SHOT PUT ATHLETE, ANTONIO WALLACE, SAYING:"I feel a mixture of wanting to grow, of anger and of wanting to throw the shot further and further because, thanks to that, thanks to sports, I have a life. I trained in physical education. I drive my car."

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