Brazilian sets world record for most burpees in hour

What's the record for number of burpees in an hour?

It’s 951

This Brazilian MMA fighter set the Guinness World Record on his 35th birthday

(SOUNDBITE) (English) 35-YEAR-OLD BRAZILIAN MMA FIGHTER, CASSIANO RODRIGUES LAUREANO, SAYING:"Oh I'm so happy. I'm very, very happy. It's been, what, a month already almost that, that I was waiting for it. And, and I just done training and my phone like, beep, and I just look at it, huh, yes, finally!"

Laureano took on the challenge to raise money for his niece

who was born last year with a severe heart disease

In nine months of training Laureano completed over 25,000 burpees

He said injury prevented him from setting an even higher record


"I will do 1,000 definitely, definitely 1,000. It's not hard. But that day I was I just unfortunately got injured."

"I'm tired. It didn't go as smoothly as I thought it would go. I am in so much pain now from my leg cause I got hurt. But I'm very very happy with the accomplishment and in being able to help my niece, so that's the most important thing."

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