Brazil, U.S. lawmakers seek to cooperate after riot

STORY: Brazilian lawmakers are looking to U.S. colleagues for insight from the January 6 committee in Congress after the violent protests in Brazil's capital over the weekend.

That's according to people familiar with the matter who exclusively spoke to Reuters.

They say lawmakers from both countries are seeking ways to cooperate on an investigation.

On Sunday, supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro ransacked Brazil's Congress and other institutions, calling for a military coup to overturn the October election won by President Lula da Silva.

The incident bore the hallmarks of the Jan 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol two years ago, and has been widely condemned in the country.

On Wednesday, more than 70 lawmakers from Brazil and the U.S. signed a joint statement, denouncing "anti-democratic" forces trying to overturn recent elections with political violence.

They added: "Just as far right extremists are coordinating their efforts to undermine democracy, we must stand united in our efforts to protect it."

According to a Reuters source, U.S. Representative Bennie Thompson is one of the lawmakers discussing collaboration.

He chaired the House committee investigation into the January 6 attack.

In a statement, Thompson said that if his committee's work served as a model for others, he would help in any way possible.

Also on Wednesday, Brazilian federal prosecutors requested the investigation of three congressional allies of Bolsonaro.

They stand accused of inciting Sunday's attack.

Bolsonaro, who's currently in the U.S., told media from Florida that he planned to return to Brazil earlier than planned for medical reasons, without specifying a date.