Bravery of driver who saved life of electrocuted motorist

A driver rescued a fellow motorist who had suffered an electric shock in central China. Dashcam video captured in the city of Zhumadian in Henan Province on August 22 shows a driver walking around the back of his vehicle suddenly falling down onto the ground in heavy rain having got an electric shock from a broken utility pole that had blocked his way. A man driving in the area spotted the stricken motorist and pulled the motorist away from the utility pole using his own clothes and then performed CPR on him to try to revive him. The stricken motorist regained consciousness and was moved to the side of the road. According to reports, a utility pole was blown down by strong winds and blocked the motorist’s path, so he got off his car to check to investigate but got an electric shock. The motorist is having treatment in hospital. The video was provided by local media with permission.

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