Brave passersby rescue family from sinking car in eastern China

Filmed in Suzhou, eastern China, the video showed a car suddenly plunging into a river, trapping its occupants inside. With the vehicle rapidly submerging, four compassionate passersby jumped into the water to rescue the individuals trapped inside. Dong Jie, along with Niu Yulong and another passerby with a face mask, immediately entered the water. Although the sunroof was open, the gap was too small for anyone to escape through. Undeterred, they joined forces to manually break the sunroof, but their efforts were in vain. As the water began to flood the car, reaching the driver's neck. Luo Chunhui, who was on the riverbank, borrowed a hammer and quickly joined the rescue operation. On the other side, Li Wei found a small boat and brought it to the scene. Together, they formed a rescue team. Luo Chunhui used the hammer to shatter the rear windshield, while Dong Jie, Niu Yulong, and others broke a hole in the rear windshield, successfully rescuing the young boy from the back seat. Li Wei then safely brought the child onto the boat. As the window shattered, water gushed into the car, causing it to sink rapidly. The situation grew increasingly perilous for the elderly person still trapped inside. "Grandpa, grandpa is still inside," cried the young boy, pointing towards the partially submerged vehicle. In a final united effort, they managed to pry open the sunroof, reaching in and pulling the elderly man out from the water-filled compartment. With the assistance of bystanders on the riverbank, both individuals were safely brought ashore. In just over six minutes, these brave individuals successfully saved the grandfather and his grandson from the sinking car. After the incident, the Kunshan police located four of the courageous individuals involved. On the afternoon of May 21, the Kunshan Goodwill Foundation honoured the four rescuers. Currently, the Kunshan police are actively searching for another Good Samaritan who participated in the rescue. The video was filmed on May 19 and provided with local media’s permission.