Brave officers sit on 17-feet-long crocodile before releasing it: the animal terrorised village for ten days

Villagers and forest officers work hard to release a 17-feet-long gharial, a fish-eating crocodile, into the Gandaki river in eastern India. The group of men can be seen bravely sitting on the huge animal to restrain it before a steel safety cage is removed. The officers count to three before letting the large animal go, and then immediately step away from it. The crocodile doesn't realise straight away that it is no longer trapped. After a few seconds, it crawls towards the water. Senior forest officer, Sunil Kumar Sharan, said: “The initial attempt to transport it in a plywood box failed as the crocodile broke through that easily. We then designed a steel harness with a soft cushion". Before being released, the animal terrorised villagers for 10 days. The team of officers only managed to capture it on August 31. The crocodile was released on September 3 in a sanctuary in Bagaha, on the Gandak river, 300 km from the village. The journey took over 10 hours. The wildlife sanctuary has over 450 crocodiles.