How To Find The Brand New Returnal Bot In Astro's Playroom

Screenshot: Team Asobi / Kotaku
Screenshot: Team Asobi / Kotaku

While everyone is eager to get their hands on the upcoming full-blown Astro Bot game, developer Team Asobi is giving us all a reason to revisit the PS5 pack-in title Astro’s Playroom in the meantime. Each month until the new game arrives, the team is placing a new Special Bot in Astro’s Playroom that fans can track down. The first was a Bloodborne character—which is probably the closest we’re going to get to new Bloodborne content anytime soon.

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The second new Special Bot to arrive in Astro’s Playroom is Selene Vassos from the hit PS5 roguelike Returnal. If you want to find this new addition and unlock its accompanying trophy (Deja Phew!), you’ll need to head to SSD Speedway. Let’s get to it.

Where to find the Special Bot in SSD Speedway

Before you’ll be able to round up the Returnal Special Bot in SSD Speedway, you’ll first need to have completed Astro’s Playroom in its entirety. Once the credits roll, you can head back to the hub and revisit SSD Speedway. But since the new bot is in the final area of this level, Deep Dataspace, just bring up your fast travel menu and head there directly.

Play through the first section of Deep Dataspace until you reach the minigun. Defeat any enemies pestering you right here, then walk out onto the cliffside just to the left of where you received the minigun.

Screenshot: Team Asobi / Kotaku
Screenshot: Team Asobi / Kotaku

If you stand here for a few moments, the Selene Vassos bot will appear in a glass container. This container sports a little astronaut icon beneath it, indicating you’ll need to find one such astronaut in the vicinity.

Where to find the tiny astronaut in SSD Speedway

Continue through the glass nearby and kill most of the enemies that charge you here with the minigun. However, leave a few of the slime enemies alive on the stair-like platforms. We’ll need them momentarily.

Make your way out onto the thin, white railing at the top of the aforementioned stair-like platforms. If you follow this a little way, you’ll find the tiny astronaut lying on its back.

Screenshot: Team Asobi / Kotaku
Screenshot: Team Asobi / Kotaku

Stand on the tiny astronaut to make a glowing ring appear around you. While this ring is activated, allow yourself to be shot by a projectile from one of the slime enemies you left alive. Doing so will kill you—surprisingly, that’s exactly what we want.

When you respawn near the checkpoint where you got the minigun, you’ll find that the Selene Vassos bot will be freed from captivity! With this Returnal Special Bot found and released, you’ll earn the “Deja Phew!” trophy for your effort. Great work, Astro!

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