All This and Brains Too: Adorable, Fast-Learning Piglet Delights Baltimore Family

A 7-week-old Juliana piglet donned an adorable sweater upon joining a Maryland family as a Christmas gift, with his antics swiftly endearing him to his new clan.

Owner Chad Everett Downey told Storyful that the pig, named Tater, quickly bonded with him and his family. “Never a dull moment,” said Downey. “He surprises us with new things every day through his capabilities.” According to Downey, Tater was potty-trained within two days and learns “faster than any animal I’ve ever had, or seen for that matter.”

“We all love him so much, and look forward to what the future holds,” said Downey.

This video of the teeny sweater-wearing Tater, which Downey said was taken on December 23 in Baltimore, shows him standing in his food bowl while eating. Credit: Chad Everett Downey via Storyful

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