Bradley Cooper Gets Up Close and Personal with Gelato Fans for Talenti’s New Commercials

"My family and I have been fans of Talenti for years," said the Oscar-nominated actor, who stars in two cheeky ads

Bradley Cooper is serious when it comes to his gelato.

On May 6, Talenti announced a new “Raise the Jar” campaign with the Oscar-nominated actor, who stars in two new cheeky ads. In the first clip, Cooper is seen lurking in a Talenti fan's living room. As the customer takes a bite, he interrupts. “Talenti salted caramel truffle layers with creamy, salted caramel gelato,” he narrates.

After pausing mid-bite, clearly peeved, the woman says, “Bradley.” He finishes his sentence and says “cookies,” to which she responds, “I can see the cookies — the jar is see-through.”

Squatting on a chair off to the side, Cooper smirks and says, “I knew that.”

In the second silly video, the Maestro actor catches another Talenti fan in their home and interrupts them mid-bite. “Talenti mango sorbetto is made with with 100% real fruit,” his voice reverberates in the kitchen. Also annoyed, the man says, “Yeah, I know.”

The camera pans to Cooper in the fan's face, saying, “Oh.” As his new friend in the kitchen takes a bite, he finally hears Cooper out with a look of satisfaction on his face. “Right?” the actor adds with a smile.

<p>Courtesy Talenti</p> Bradley Cooper x Talenti

Courtesy Talenti

Bradley Cooper x Talenti

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The new string of ads with the star celebrates “what makes Talenti special, including the brand's unique slow cooking process and use of authentic recipes,” per a press release.

For the new A-list brand ambassador, partnering with the frozen treat brand was a natural fit. "My family and I have been fans of Talenti for years," Cooper said in a statement. "It has now become our go-to indulgent dessert, so to be invited into their family has been a true pleasure!"

This isn’t Cooper’s only venture into the food industry. In December, he partnered with Angelo's Pizzeria owner Danny DiGiampietro to open Danny and Coops Cheesesteaks.

He recently brought the food truck to Las Vegas for QVC's first-ever Age of Possibility summit, where her served some very special guests. Donna Kelce, mom to both Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, was one of the first in line.

“Trav told me you were going to be here,” Donna said in a viral video as Cooper handed her a plate. He was then seen giving her a fist bump as she grabbed her meal and walked away with a wave. The clip was captured by a QVC content producer and reposted by the Word to the Wise Podcast account.

<p>Courtesy Talenti</p> Bradley Cooper Talenti

Courtesy Talenti

Bradley Cooper Talenti

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During the summit, Donna said that her son sent her a photo from the picturesque vacation town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif., where he was enjoying the beach with Cooper and Gigi Hadid (who are dating), and his girlfriend Taylor Swift.

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