Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Lili Reinhart and other celebrities take to streets with crowds protesting against George Floyd’s death (VIDEO)

Anne Grace Savitha
Ben Affleck, Emily Ratajkowski and Lili Reinhard were among the few celebrities that took to the streets to join the George Floyd protests. — Pictures from Instagram/lilireinhart/EmilyRatajkowski/benaffleck

PETALING JAYA, June 4 — While many celebrities have taken to social media to express their anger over the police brutality in the death of George Floyd, some have chosen to join protesters on the streets.

American actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck was spotted in Venice, a Los Angeles neighbourhood two days ago, holding a placard with the words “Black Lives Matter”.


The picture was taken on Twitter by a group called Save Venice that aims in keeping the neighbourhood of Venice inclusive and community-oriented by having discussions online on a variety of topics.

Affleck has also been vocal on the Black Lives Matter movement on his Instagram account by sharing a video on American freedom fighter Martin Luther King and also said that it was time for all to take action and listen.

According to news portal ET Online, Brad Pitt was also seen at a protest in downtown Los Angeles with an actor friend, Alia Shawkat.

Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart also showed her support to the people by joining the protest in West Hollywood, California and had documented the protests on her Instagram stories.

Lili Reinhart documenting protesters waving their placards with words ‘Justice cannot win’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’. — Picture from Instagram/lilireinhart

American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski also posted pictures documenting her joining the protest in Pan Pacific Park, Los Angeles where she was seen holding a placard with the words “Dismantle power structures of oppression”.


About six days ago, Ratajkowski also shared a picture of Floyd on Instagram with the caption, “Educate yourself on the history of racism, oppression and police brutality in our country.

“Find groups who are taking action and ask what you can do to help.”

Meanwhile in London, Divergent actress Zoe Kravitz also stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement by joining the protests and has been receiving praises from social media users.

Kravitz was among the many who took to the streets of London to protest against Floyd’s death and police brutality, as reported by Daily Mail.

She posted a picture of a woman holding a sign with words quoted from American novelist, James Baldwin on Instagram nine hours ago that has been liked by over 150,000 social media users

“Dear America, I can’t believe what you say because I see what you do.”


Instagram user Nick_bossotti_86 praised her saying, “Do your thing Zoe! Black Lives will always matter!”

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