The Boys season 4 releases on Prime Video in 2024 – but a teaser trailer isn't on the way

 A screenshot of The Boys season 4 poster showing Homelander with his arms outstretched.
A screenshot of The Boys season 4 poster showing Homelander with his arms outstretched.

Update: Amazon has confirmed to TechRadar that a teaser trailer won't be released today. In a brief statement, a spokesperson said: "Today (November 8) was only the release of the teaser key art". Don't expect any footage to land online, then.

Original story – and full spoilers for The Boys season 3 – follow.

It's official: The Boys season 4 will finally launch on Prime Video sometime in 2024.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), The Boys' official account confirmed that the hit Prime Video series would return to our screens next year. The announcement was made by way of season 4's first two posters, which depict Anthony Starr's Homelander as a celebrated Supe (well, 'celebrated' as in 'fearfully adored by the public') and Karl Urban's Billy Butcher looking rather forlorn amid balloons and confetti littering the ground.

There's plenty we can read into the posters' imagery, such as Billy potentially spending much of season 4 alone in his thoughts. After all, as we covered in our The Boys season 3 ending explained article, Butcher learned he only had 12 to 18 months to live due to his exposure to experimental super-serum V24, so it's a fitting one sheet for the Supe-fighting group's de-facto leader.

But wait, there's more. In another post on The Boys' various social media channels, a still image of Urban's Butcher is accompanied with a caption reading "Big day, lots to do".

Are we about to get our first look at the hit R-rated show's fourth season via its first teaser? Perhaps. After The Boys season 4 was confirmed to be in development in June 2022, principal photography began immediately. Filming wrapped in April, so there's every chance a teaser, even a 30-second one, could be released at some stage today (November 8).

Alternatively, we might get some new casting news, a brief plot synopsis, or some other big reveal. For starters, The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan was confirmed to have joined The Boys season 4's cast in August 2022, so Amazon might decide to unveil his character today instead.

We've reached out to Prime Video to find out what other surprises might arrive imminently and we'll update this article if we receive a response.

A screengrab of The Boys season 4 poster showing Billy Butcher with his head bowed
A screengrab of The Boys season 4 poster showing Billy Butcher with his head bowed

Fan expectations are understandably high for The Boys season 4. As one of the best Prime Video shows, the Eric Kripke-developed TV adaptation of the beloved comic book series has gone from strength to strength since it debuted in July 2019. And, with Kripke confirming season 4 won't be the final entry in the series, we can expect even more shenanigans set in The Boys universe after its fourth season is released.

Indeed, we already know that a second season of Gen V, the first live-action spin-off set in said universe, is in active development. Gen V's season 1 finale also set up some potentially big story threads to come in The Boys' next installment, so be sure to read our Gen V season 1 ending explained guide to learn more about what's at stake in the main series. Throw in the possibility of more as-yet-unknown spin-off projects, or a second season of animated anthology series The Boys Presents: Diabolical, and The Boys' TV universe won't be ending any time soon.

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