The Boys season 2 stars Laz Alonso and Karl Urban discuss filming the whale guts scene

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Photo credit: Prime Video
Photo credit: Prime Video

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The Boys season two is almost upon us, so naturally we've spent a lot of time re-watching the latest trailer. The whale guts, they're mesmerising, y'know?

Fortunately for any Boys fans who were wondering how such an impressively gory scene was filmed, the cast and crew of the irreverent superhero series have explained all – and it sounds as grim as you'd expect.

Ahead of The Boys' return to Amazon Prime Video next month, Laz Alonso – who plays Mother's Milk – told TV Times that the whale was pitched as something very "cool".

"We're actually going to be on the water, shooting this ourselves, no stunt guys, helicopter shots, all this stuff.

Photo credit: Prime Video
Photo credit: Prime Video

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"No green screen, this was going to be us," he recalled. "A 50-foot animatronic whale on the beach that we're going to run into."

The whale was also sold to the cast as literally cool, with air-conditioning on hand for the actors having to film inside the creature. Sadly, things didn't exactly work out that way.

"We get to the whale; it's 90 degrees outside, and 120 degrees inside the whale, and I just asked, 'Where's the AC? When are you guys gonna turn the AC on?'" Laz added, before Karl Urban revealed just how messy things got.

Photo credit: Prime Video
Photo credit: Prime Video

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The Billy Butcher actor continued: "I looked over at Laz, and he's progressively getting more and more agitated, the sweat's starting to form, and he's like, 'Can we get some AC here in the whale!'

"Only here on this show would you hear something as bananas as that. The blood, of course, was attracting all sorts of insects."

As well as insects, the fake whale's blood also attracted the cast, with Laz admitting he and his co-stars would get "stuck" to the body of the whale.

"There were a couple of takes where we would try to get up but our bodies, literally our skin, were stuck to the whale because the sugar-coated red stuff would dry up during the scene," he shared.

Don't worry, Boys, we've no doubt your messy on-set experience was worth it.

The Boys season one is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, with season two launching on September 4.

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