‘The Boys’ Recap: 5 Most Shocking Moments From Season 4, Episode 6

Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso) had a panic attack, Firecracker (Valorie Curry) is offering up her breastmilk to Homelander and Joe Kessler (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) isn’t actually there. As always, “The Boys” Season 4 has a lot going on and we’re here to break it all down.

In Episode 6, titled “Dirty Business,” The Boys embark on a journey into Tek Knight’s estate, where The Seven members Sage (Susan Heyward), Firecracker (Valorie Curry), A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) and Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) gathered the top one percent of the country to discuss their ploy to replace Robert Singer with Victoria as president, once he’s elected into office.

On top of that, Noir (Nathan Mitchell) finally unveils himself, fans learn there’s no other way to kill Homelander unless all supes are killed, Frenchie won’t allow anyone to visit him in prison and Hughie (Jack Quaid) is still grappling with his father Hugh’s (Simon Pegg) death.

That’s just a portion of everything that went down in Episode 6. Here are the most shocking moments from the episode.

1. Tek Knight is killed after Hughie gets caught up in his sex dungeon

In order to find out what Homelander and co. are up to at Tek Knight’s federalist society party, Mother’s Milk devised a plan for Hughie to go undercover as Webweaver, a supe with Spider-Man-like abilities, though his webs shoot out from his bottom, like an actual spider’s does. Anyway, after tricking Webweaver out of his suit, Hughie’s job was to plant listening devices throughout Tek’s tavern.

However, while The Boys knew Webweaver was a close connection of Tek’s, they didn’t know the two were sex buddies on the low, and that Webweaver was attending the party so he could participate in Tek’s “sidekick” audition process that involves torture, bodily fluids, whips and chains.

“I’m going to sit my swollen clit on your stupid masked face and piss like a skunk. And I just had asparagus. You want that?” Tek’s partner and Vought exec Ashley Barrett asks a pinned down, disguised Hughie.

Hughie pulled through the ordeal, but what gave him away was his inability to call out Webweaver’s BDSM safe word, “Zendaya.” Once his cover was blown, Tek decided he’d cut holes into Hughie’s body and “f—k them.” Thankfully, just as Tek was about to slice into Hughie, Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and Starlight/Annie (Erin Moriarty) burst into the room and freed Hughie.

Tek’s demise was left to Thomas, his butler and former guardian, who strangled him to death after Tek admitted that he wanted to help Homelander make prison camps.

“They need places across the country to put their dissidence. Look, I don’t know anything else!” Tek told the Boys before his death.

And before they left, Kimiko transferred millions of Tek’s money (which he inherited from his family’s former slave catching business and now private prison operation).

2. Sage is constructing a plan against Robert Singer to help Victoria Neuman become president

Victoria has her hands in a lot of pots: she temporarily teamed up with the Boys to locate more of the supe-killing virus, she wants to take down Homelander and she’s also running for Vice President of the United States for Robert Singer, under Homelander’s orders. But now, fans have found out that she’s also partnering with Homelander and co. against Robert to help position herself as the next president instead. During Tek’s “alt-right cocktail party” with the billionaires of the country, Victoria pleaded her case for why they should trust her.

“I’m here tonight to tell the truth: truth is America’s not a democracy. The word democracy makes people feel safe,” Victoria began. “But the founders never trusted the masses because the truth is the masses are f—g stupid. Anyone who has a ‘live, laugh, love’ mug shouldn’t have a say in how a country is run. People are a labor force that need a kind and firm hand. There are no nations. There’s Apple, Exxon and Birkshire Hathaway. Corporations are the real super powers here. You should be able to operate without any regulation or restriction whatsoever. After all, you’re billionaires. You’re smart enough to know what’s best. Bottom line: you support me and that is what you’ll f—g get.”

Her statements were applauded by the top one-percenters, signaling that it won’t take long for Homelander’s larger plot, to have the country ran by supes, to be fully manifested.

3. A-Train saves Mother’s Milk’s life, and he finally feels like a real hero

Season 4 has been a big moment for A-Train’s story: he’s still trying to win back over his family after failing to stand up against Blue Hawk’s (Nick Wechsler) brutality in Season 3, teamed up to help the Boys and redeem his integrity, all while navigating the blatant and microaggressive racism he deals with as a member of The Seven. Luckily, he seems to have developed a bond with Mother’s Milk, who physically has been overwhelmed by The Boys’ plans as well as his own family matters.

During The Boys’ break-in into Tek’s home, they run into Sage (Susan Heyward), who starts playing mind games with Mother’s Milk, mocking him over his daughter’s troubles at school.

“If you kill me you’d have to look Janine in the eye. Doesn’t she have enough problems? Expelled, told a boy to eat a bag of d—s and then broke his arm. I bet she gets that from you, chip off the old block. She has anger issues, signs of OCD. You see that. You’ve cursed the girl,” Sage says to Mother’s Milk just before making an attempt to call for help.

That’s when Mother’s Milk shot her in the head.

The entire interaction drove Mother’s Milk into a panic attack. And who came in to save him? A-Train. Well, at first he didn’t want to, but after Kimiko begged him for the sake of Mother’s Milk’s daughter, A-Train accepted the task and dropped him off at the nearest hospital. Before returning to the party, a young boy at the hospital recognized A-Train and the good deed he was doing, which brought a heartwarming smile to A-Train’s face. For the first time in a while, A-Train felt what being a hero is actually like.

4. Firecracker drugged herself so she can keep up Homelander’s addiction to breastmilk

If it wasn’t clear that Firecracker is obsessed with Homelander, it sure as hell is now. Firecracker has volunteered to take the reins from now-murdered Vought International exec Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue) and become Homelander’s new breastfeeder. In Season 1, fans learned about Homelander’s childhood trauma and how it manifested into a breastmilk addiction. In the second to last scene from Episode 6, Firecracker gives her body to Homelander despite his lack of attraction to her, stating that the arrangement is only about “loyalty” between the two.

“You brought me in. God, you have given me everything. You are everything to me,” Firecracker says just before unzipping her suit, giving the impression that she’s about to make a move on Homelander. But actually, she just wants to show him that she’s taken an unprescribed amount of drugs that enable her to produce breastmilk, though it’s gradually enlarging her heart.

“What are you doing? I am not sexually attracted to you.” Homelander says to Firecracker.

“This ain’t about sex,” she replies. “No, this, it’s about loyalty.” She then squirts his face with breastmilk.

“You’re not pregnant,” he states in shock.

“There’s a long regimen of drugs a person can take to make it happen — enlarges the heart just a tiny, little bit,” she says.

“You did this for me?” Homelander asks.

“I’d do anything for you,” Firecracker. The scene then cuts to Firecracker cradling and breastfeeding Homelander in front of an American flag.

“That’s my good, little boy,” Firecracker says to Homelander.

Maybe, the southern belle supe — who has long been labeled worthless or insignificant in her past — just wants to feel like she’s of value to someone. But we’ll see how long this last since Homelander didn’t go easy on Madelyn.

5. Joe Kessler is just another one of Billy Butcher’s hallucinations

Fans don’t get to see much of Butcher in Episode 6 and that’s because he’s tucked away with Butcher and Joe in a barn trying to force Victoria’s one-legged baby daddy Sameer (Omid Abtahi) to create more of the supe-killing virus. After Sameer tells Butcher that the only to kill Homelander would be to craft a virus serum that would ultimately take out anyone with Compund V running through their veins (meaning Ryan, Kimiko and Annie), Butcher begins contemplating his options with help from Joe and his hallucination of his wife Rebecca (Shantel VanSanten).

“We can wipe them all out,” Joe says to Butcher.

“Billy, you cannot go along with this,” Rebecca chimes in.

“Listen, mate. No one ever said nothing about genocide,” Butcher says.

“Is that a f—g joke?” Joe responds.

“He’s insane,” Rebecca shoots back.

“Who was it that said they all gotta go? Every f—g last one of ’em,” Joe says.

“He’s talking about murder, Billy, of thousands,” Rebecca says, trying to reason with Butcher. “And a lot of them are innocent. Ok, I know you.”

“Shut your f—g cake hole, b—h!” Joe yells at Rebecca, showing that Joe is not only aware that Rebecca is a hallucination, but that he’s one as well.

This whole time Butcher has been talking to the ghost of Joe, who is dead. Butcher then hollers in denial that he believes the hallucination of Joe is real.

“Unless of course, you got a big ole fat V’d up brain tumor, ya c—t, which is why you are seeing me in the first place,” Joe says. “I am inside of you. I am you, which is why when I tell you you want to do this, I am literally telling you that you f—g want to do this. So don’t you worry, Billy my boy. Daddy’s home.”

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