Boyfriends in Covid-19 isolation get hilariously ugly haircuts from bored girlfriends (VIDEO)

Melanie Chalil
Expectation vs reality: What Twitter user @chirojake wanted and what he got after his girlfriend gave him a haircut. — Pictures from Twitter/@chirojake

KUALA LUMPUR, April 1 — It appears that being cooped up at home all day combined with the desperate need for a haircut is bringing out questionable “creative” skills in girlfriends.

And a lesson in expectation versus reality.

Bored girlfriends are making their boyfriends appreciate professional hairdressers more than ever as they receive haircuts that might turn heads for the wrong reasons.

In the UK where barber shops are closed under government’s orders, those requiring a good trim have no option but to turn to their partners to get the task done.

Of course, being nervous is only natural.


Some like Twitter user Lukas Flacke would rather grow their hair long rather than potentially ruining their crowning glory.


Twitter user Daniel Rundle learned the hard way when he let his girlfriend attempt a skin fade hairstyle that ended up disastrous.


Others like @chirojake came prepared with a picture to help his girlfriend visualise the haircut he wanted only with the end results to be vastly different.


Arron Crascall from Kent also fell victim under his girlfriend’s razor skills after asking for a fade haircut but knew the operation would be botched when she began shaving his hair from the top of his head.




The anxiety of letting someone else standing in as a professional hairstylist even reached a point where the search term “How to cut your own hair” saw a recent spike on the internet.


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