Boy 'Handles the Hell Out of Being a Big Brother' by Scooping Plastic Out of Baby's Mouth

A viral video posted to TikTok on March 6 shows the moment an older brother thought quickly when he noticed his little brother had a piece of plastic in his mouth and quickly fished it out.

Video from Grace Watkins shows the quick intervention of her son Silas. He made what she called an “amazing” move when he saw a “piece of plastic broken off one of their toys” in the mouth of his little brother Wiley.

“When your three-year-old handles the hell out of being a big brother,” Watkins wrote in the TikTok video caption, though she told Storyful Silas’s birthday is not until March 11.

“He instinctively hooked his finger towards the roof of his mouth like he has seen me do multiple times before to remove the object in order for his brother not to choke,” Watkins said. “He is so smart.”

The video has gone viral on TikTok, with 3.9 million likes at the time of writing. Credit: Grace Watkins via Storyful