Boxoffice Company Notches Multi-Year Deal With National Amusements | Exclusive

The Boxoffice Company has entered into a multi-year agreement with National Amusements to launch showtimes and ticketing for their Showcase Cinemas brands in the UK and the U.S. The deal represents a new milestone as the company now serves 200 exhibitors using the Boost Platform.

The new agreement, announced today, follows on the heels of recent agreements with Vue International/Denmark, B&B Theaters, CGR, Cinepolis, Everyman, Landmark Theatres, Starlight Cinemas, Phoenix Theatres and many others.

“We are delighted to partner with The Boxoffice Company to continue to grow our direct-to-theater business using their Boost platform,” National Amusements SVP Information Technology and CIO Joe Mollo said in a statement. “Boost offers us a cloud-based solution that delivers a reliable service and a great customer experience with ease of use, superior functionality for showtimes, ticketing, and food and beverages, while retaining full control over our own customer information.”

A Cinema Foundation survey of theater owners revealed that more than half of all worldwide movie tickets were online purchases. Most of those purchases are direct-to-theater. The company promotes itself as one that will maximize revenues and engagement while not retaining control over respective customer data.   

“With Boost, we’re giving more control to the consumers, super-serving them with all of their movie information, showtimes, ticketing, food and beverage needs,” National Amusements VP of Global Marketing Mark Malinowski said. “The Boxoffice Company’s platform allows us to be flexible and will enable us to build ever-improving customer experiences as our online business evolves with UI innovation and scalability in performance. We are excited to take advantage of this new technology to provide a seamless ticketing experience for our guests and help us meet our business needs.”

“National Amusements is well-known for providing a superior experience to their cinema-goers, and we are thrilled to be adding them to the Boost Platform,” The Boxoffice Company EVP of Global Exhibitor Relations for Boost Services Malcolm MacMillan added. “Our company is here to help all exhibitors grow their businesses with exhibition-specific tools, creative solutions and easy-to-use technology, taking their digital presence to the next level. The Boost platform has reached a significant milestone with the addition of National Amusements, reaching 200 exhibitors in our network, and we are happy to help all cinemas of all sizes maximize revenues and customer engagement.”

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