Bottega Veneta introduces lifetime warranty to support sustainable fashion

Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is globally recognised for its quality, craftsmanship and exquisite luxury. Owning a piece from their collection is a symbol of pride and status for fashionistas across the world. And, in a landmark step to promote sustainable fashion, the brand has launched a complimentary lifetime warranty service to preserve and upkeep its products. Bottega Veneta’s lifetime warranty programme plans to further improve the quality of its luxury bags.

It will now provide a physical and digital card with every product purchased. Each card is to have a unique product code. Bottega Veneta has launched this service under the Certificate of Craft programme.

More about the Bottega Veneta Certificate of Craft initiative

Bottega Veneta lifetime warranty
Image credit: Bottega Veneta

The programme has been launched in a bid to protect the brand’s unique designs and brilliant handiwork which goes into the making of each product. Customers who purchase the bags from November onwards can approach the store for any refreshes or repairs pertaining to the product upon furnishing a card provided with each bag.

This is also in response to a global sentiment about the hike in prices of products of a few bespoke luxury brands. Bottega Veneta has always promoted quality and sustainability by using the finest leather and coming up with unique designs which are elegant without being overly flamboyant. The characteristic feature of their bags is an interwoven leather design. With the new initiative, the brand is encouraging its patrons to treat their bags as a generational investment.

Bottega Veneta’s motive behind The Certificate of Craft

The brand wants to reinforce the concept of permanent luxury and inspire the global fashion world towards sustainability instead of fast fashion.

According to Forbes, Leo Rongone, CEO of Bottega Veneta, said, “Bottega Veneta is extraordinary craft with exquisite design and creativity. The Certificate of Craft is born out of a desire to offer our clients a superior service of long-term preservation of their products.”

(Main image credit: Bottega Veneta; featured image credit: bottegavenetaworld/Instagram)

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