Boston Seafood Company Catches Rare Albino Lobster

A family-owned seafood company in Boston, Massachusetts, made a “one in a 100 million” find when they caught a rare albino lobster. The video shows the milky white crustacean in a tank among dark lobsters on February 23.

James Hook and Company shared photos of the lobster on their restaurant’s Facebook page with a caption that read, “Albino Lobster: 1 in 100 Million” in reference to how rare it is to come across an albino lobster in the wild.

Proprietor James Hook shot the video and told Storyful this is the first time in the company’s nearly 100 years in business that they have documented catching an albino lobster.

“We have never seen an albino lobster before. We have seen plenty of blue lobsters,” Hook said. “Lobsters with an unusual pigmentation. It was for sure an amazing surprise that we will not forget about anytime soon.”

The company plans to donate the lobster to the New England Aquarium, according to reports. Credit: James Hook via Storyful