Boston Commuters Scale Fence to Escape Broken-Down Train

A number of passengers on a Boston commuter train exited carriages using emergency door handles after the service broke down on Monday, August 1, the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority told local news.

The MBTA said a Framingham Line train that left South Station at 5:35 pm stopped due to an electrical issue.

Local news reported that a spokesperson for the MBTA said passengers were asked to remain on board for their safety; however, some used the emergency door handles to get off the train.

WCVB quoted the MBTA as saying they understood that passengers were “frustrated” by the wait aboard the train, which had no power and thus no air conditioning at the time.

Footage by passenger Leo Ruiz shows people using ladders to climb over a trackside fence. Credit: Leo Ruiz via Storyful

Video transcript


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