Bosnian musician sticks card reader on accordion

This Bosnian musician installed a card reader

on the side of his accordion

LOCATION: Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina

(SOUNDBITE) (Bosnian) MUSICIAN, ZELJKO DJAKIC, SAYING:"I came up with the idea for a payment terminal because people at parties and festivities often joke that they are pulling a card through the accordion bellows. So I decided to outwit them so that if they really want to tip me for music, they can do it through a POS terminal, where they also get a slip with the amount of the tip."

Djakic also installed three microphones on his accordion

and a smartphone to play music from the internet

(SOUNDBITE) (Bosnian) MUSICIAN ZELJKO DJAKIC'S WIFE, BILJANA DJAKIC, SAYING:"People laugh when they see it all, they ask what is next after three microphones and the card terminal?"

(SOUNDBITE) (Bosnian) MUSICIAN, ZELJKO DJAKIC, SAYING:"By profession I am an electronics engineer, service technician, but music is my love and my hobby. It is a great joy for me when I see people enjoying themselves at parties, made happy by music I play."

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