How a Bosnian farm makes electricity from animal waste

STORY: These cows are helping to generate

electricity for this high-tech dairy farm

Location: Kalesija, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Biogas from animal waste and silage

help Spreca farm become more self-reliant

as high energy prices threaten the

subsidy-dependent agriculture sector

(Said Karic, Farm Director)

"What we can observe here are the fermenters. The biogas plant is focused on producing electricity from renewable energy sources, and this process comprises several stages. We have a mixing pit, fermenters that include mixers, a storage unit for biogas, and engines for power generation."

Surplus thermal energy during

the fermentation of the biogas

is used to heat some farm buildings

The project can produce more electricity in an hour

than the average household’s monthly consumption

Once fully operational, it will be able

to produce 600 kilowatts per hour