Boris Johnson steps in save Christmas by allowing groups of six carol singers

Christopher Hope
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Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson
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Boris Johnson stepped in to save the Christmas tradition of carol singers going from door to door to sing seasonal songs to raise money for charity.

The Prime Minister ordered a tweak to the new tiers that come into force this week to allow for people to sing carols outside as long as the rule of six is observed.

The rules mean that while congregations cannot sign carols inside, people can sing them outside as long as social distancing rules are maintained.

Door to door carol singing is also particularly allowed as long as carollers observe the rule of six, and social distancing.

Number 10 sources said Mr Johnson was delighted to be able to help. "The PM loves carols," said one source.

The change will be too late for Advent Sunday, which falls on Sunday. But Conservative MP Andrew Selous, who speaks on behalf of the church in the House of Commons, said it was "good news".

Family Carol Singing - DGLimages/iStockphoto
Family Carol Singing - DGLimages/iStockphoto

Mr Selous told The Telegraph: “Singing carols is not only at the heart of our Christmas worship it’s also special to millions who are not regular churchgoers and will bring joy to many at the end of a tough year.”

Writing in Sunday's Telegraph, Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Leader of the House of Commons, said: "From tinned music in lifts to straggly infant concerts, carols are a joyful element of Christmas celebrations. Even the stoniest-hearted atheist may draw pleasure from them.

"We will all be able to sing to the Lord with cheerful voice. As the Government will ease some restrictions choirs and carol singers can perform and warm hearts again.

"They will be heard from churches, doorsteps and terraces across the land."

He added: "Carols bring immense spiritual joy to those who sing them. At Christmas, choirs of angels and citizens of heaven above are implored to sing in exultation.

"We are told to sing praises to God the king, and peace to men on earth. The optimism and joy in Christmas carols, welcoming the birth of Christ, will surely do wonders in lifting the nation’s spirits as we reflect on the eternal from the coronavirus.

"Let us all hope that we will see a new year filled with peace on earth and mercy mild."