Boop! Horse and Baby Hang Out at New South Wales Farm

A baby and a horse had a sweet encounter at a small farm in New South Wales on August 23.

Footage by Emily Herbert shows her seven-month-old son Huckleberry bonding with her 12-year-old horse – a 16.3 hand gelding aptly named Mr Big – at her family’s farm in Duri.

“My son loves animals, and they are drawn to him. It’s beautiful to see how animals can sense energy, and they are very gentle with him,” Herbert told Storyful.

The footage shows the duo interacting happily, including gently going nose-to-nose. “For such a large horse, Mr Big is incredibly delicate when saying hello to my little boy, who loves to feel the velvet of his muzzle,” Herbert said. Credit: Emily Herbert via Storyful

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