Bomb threats at 18 locations in Singapore, including government buildings, embassies

The Singapore Police Force said that they found no items of security concern after checks at the respective premises.

(FILE PHOTOS: Singapore Police Force/Yahoo News Singapore)
(FILE PHOTOS: Singapore Police Force/Yahoo News Singapore)

SINGAPORE - Eighteen locations around Singapore, including government buildings, embassies and other places of interest, underwent security checks on Wednesday (23 August) after alleged bomb threats.

The Singapore Police Force said they were alerted to the alleged bomb threats at around 9.10am, and coordinated with security officers at the respective premises for the checks.

'No items of security concern' were found, the police said.

While the police did not reveal more details about the locations, the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) had said on social media that there was a bomb threat at the Environment Building at 40 Scotts Road.

The police also said they were aware at similar reports of email bomb threats, seemingly by the same person, in South Korea recently. Those had turned out to be a hoax.

"The police take all security threats seriously and will not hesitate to take action against those who intentionally communicate false information on bomb threats," they said.

The police said they were investigating into this case of communicating false information of a harmful thing under Section 268A of the Penal Code 1871.

The offence carries an imprisonment term of up to seven years, a fine which may extend to $50,000, or both.

The police also urged members of the public to stay vigilant and report suspicious persons or items, citing as examples persons with unusual attire and suspicious behaviour, or parcels with stains, wires, or emitting a strange smell.

"In the event that similar threats are received at building premises, security officers or Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs) should conduct a search for suspicious items," the police said.

Tell tale indicators included "items atypical of the environment, or with overt characteristics such as wires".

"Security officers and APOs have received training on how to assess whether suspicious items are of concern and how to handle such situations appropriately," the police added.

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