Bolsonaro supporters invade presidential palace in Brazil

Protesters in yellow and green shirts stormed the Congress (Screengrab )
Protesters in yellow and green shirts stormed the Congress (Screengrab )

Supporters of Brazil's former president Jair Bolsonaro broke through a blockade set up by security forces and invaded ministries and the Congress building in Brazil on Sunday.

Video footage obtained by Reuters from Bolsonaro-related groups and video from local broadcasters show protesters storming the presidential palace in the capital Brasília.

Protesters also invaded the parking lot of the Planalto Palace, according to CNN Brasil. Brazil's president Luiz Inacio Lula Silva is currently on an official trip in Sao Paulo state.

The group crossed a police barrier and climbed the ramp that gives access to the roof of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate buildings.

Protesters wearing yellow and green T-shirts and Brazilian flags attacked some police vehicles securing the building, the Spanish EFE news agency reported. They also destroyed protection barriers.

Footage shared on social media showed hundreds of people pouring into the building. The protesters were met with police tear gas.

A Brazil-based reporter shared a video on Twitter purportedly showing the protesters storm the building.

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