Bolsonaro Supporters Celebrate as False Claims Emerge Head of Electoral Court Arrested

Supporters of outgoing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro celebrated in Porto Alegre as false claims circulated on Tuesday, November 1, that the head of Brazil’s electoral court had been arrested.

The false claims emerged after Alexandre de Moraes, a Supreme Court justice, who leads the nation’s election agency, ordered the state’s military police to clear blockades established by Bolsonaro supporters on major highways across Brazil in protest of Sunday’s presidential election run-off results.

The blockades caused severe delays for travellers and critical transport services, including for the delivery of oxygen to hospitals, Agencia Brasil reported.

Footage taken by João Pedro Tavares in Porto Alegre shows a large crowd celebrating. Brazilian news magazine CartaCapital reported members of the crowd received the misinformation over an unspecified messaging app.

The Supreme Federal Court released a statement on Tuesday evening saying Bolsonaro had met with members of the court and officially recognised the outcome of Sunday’s election, marking the beginning of the transfer of power.

The meeting came hours after Bolsonaro gave his first address since losing the election to Lula da Silva. In his address, Bolsonaro did not directly acknowledge he lost the election or mention his successor, but said he would “continue to fulfil all the commandments of our Constitution.” Credit: João Pedro Tavares via Storyful

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