Bolsonaro leaves U.S. hospital as riot outrage goes on

STORY: Brazil's former president Jair Bolsonaro was discharged from a hospital near Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, a source close to the Bolsonaro family said.

Video captured Bolsonaro entering a house in a gated community in Kissimmee, Florida, after his release.

He was admitted to hospital on Monday for intestinal pains -- a day after hundreds of his supporters stormed key government buildings in the capital Brasilia.

Bolsonaro’s hospital discharge came as an arrest order was issued for one of his ex-ministers over the rampage.

A Brazilian Supreme Court judge ordered the arrest of Anderson Torres, who became public security chief for Brasilia this month, after serving as Bolsonaro's justice minister.

Torres, who was removed from office on Sunday, was not in the city when the riots occurred, having flown to Florida earlier this month.

In a tweet on Tuesday, he said he would cut short his family vacation in Florida and return to Brazil to “take care of [his] defense”.

It was unclear if Torres had met with Bolsonaro in Florida.

The judge also issued an order to arrest the head of Brasilia's military police.

Details of the charges leveled against the pair were not immediately clear.

But the arrest order cited their failure to ensure proper security forces were in place.

The Sunday rampage came a week after president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was sworn in and is widely seen as the worst attack on Brazilian democracy in decades.

On Tuesday, another Supreme Court judge surveyed the damage done to the courthouse in Brasilia.

In a tearful statement, Justice Gilmar Mendes questioned, “how did we get to this point?”

Before adding, “we have to do everything to prevent this from happening again.”