These 'Bolsonaro out' cookies went viral in Brazil

These protest cookies started as a joke

‘Bolsonaro out’ {arrow}

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

They've since gone viral in Brazil

and baker Raissa Accarini now produces hundreds every day

as part of a popular effort to impeach President Jair Bolsonaro


"People aren't worried about the taste, they care more about their message. And that is why people buy them. It could have any

taste and people would continue to buy them."

Public support for Bolsonaro has been dwindling

as corruption scandals over COVID-19 vaccine deals encircle his administration

But not everybody agrees with the cookies' message

(SOUNDBITE) (Portuguese) BOLSONARO SUPPORTER ON COOKIES, MONICA VAN ATZINGEN, SAYING:"I respect (the baker), it's cute. But what should be written here could be 'Bolsonaro 2022.' That would be more useful."

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