Bolsonaro backers call on Brazil military to intervene

STORY: Bolsonaro's supporters in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro led festive rallies on Wednesday, carrying Brazil's yellow-and-green flag draped over their shoulders, blowing horns and chanting anti-Lula slogans.

“Today, people are gathered here asking for a federal (military) intervention, because we believe there was a fraud. We have evidence there was fraud in the election. The PT (Worker’s Party) did not win these elections. So we are meeting to ask for an intervention to overturn this fraudulent election that happened," said Bolsonaro supporter Thais Lobo, who was protesting in Sao Paulo.

Similar rallies were held at barracks in a total of nine states and the capital Brasilia, according to Brazilian online media portal UOL.

Brazil's defense ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.