Bolivia's interim president rejects legislation introduced to exempt Morales from criminal prosecution

Sucre [Bolivia], Nov 24 (ANI): Bolivia's interim President Jeanine Anez on Saturday rejected legislation introduced in the upper house to exempt ousted President Evo Morales and a number of high ranking officials from criminal prosecution.

The legislation was introduced by Morales's political party Morales's Movement for Socialism (MAS) earlier in the day. Anez, who declared herself as interim President earlier this month, rejected the legislation saying her government cannot "provide protection to those who have... persecuted, deceived and cheated Bolivians," Russia Today reported.

Earlier in the day, the Bolivian Senate passed legislation which annuls the election victory of Morales, as well as paves way for the new presidential elections in the country. The bill was passed unanimously, and will now need to get the approval of the lower chamber of the national parliament, the Senate confirmed on Twitter.

The ongoing political crisis in Bolivia erupted in the aftermath of the October 20 presidential election and resulted in the resignation of the country's long-time leader Evo Morales, who is currently seeking political asylum in Mexico. (ANI)