Bolivians rally against halted abortion for teen

Screaming "girls, not mothers," "child pregnancy is torture," dozens of activists marched in La Paz demanding the minor be allowed to interrupt her pregnancy protected by Bolivian law.

The girl was victim of sexual abuse, and her family requested for an abortion when the pregnancy was discovered after 21 weeks.

As she was in hospital, the Catholic church interfered. Religious groups contacted the minor's mother and persuaded her not to continue with the interruption of the pregnancy.

After that, the mother removed her daughter from the hospital.

A constitutional ruling from 2014 in Bolivia established abortion is legal in cases of rape, incest, or if the life or health of the pregnant person is in danger.

"We respect religious beliefs, but they can't be involved in deciding on a girl who, as in many others, has not agreed to have consensual sexual relations." said Bolivian presidency minister Marianela Prada.

The United Nations has released a statement urging the Bolivian authorities to safeguard the minor's life and saying that continuing with the pregnancy could be considered a form of torture.

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