Bolivian artist gives Mona Lisa an indigenous makeover

STORY: The ‘Mona Lisa’ has been given a Bolivian makeover

Location: Kalla Baja, Bolivia

Artist Claudia Callizaya’s piece

reimagines the iconic figure as a local indigenous Cholita woman

complete with a traditional bowler hat

and wrapped in a patterned Andean shawl

(Artist, Claudia Callizaya:)

"There are many women in the world, with different types of clothing. I'm Cholita, and I said the Mona Lisa has to be a Cholita, just like me.”


"I painted the Mona Lisa, with earrings, a Cholita hat, and a blanket. And finally now I'm painting her 'aguayo'. Dressing the Mona Lisa like an Andean woman, like a woman from the highlands, she represents women from all over the world."

Callizaya’s art blends famous beauty icons

with features and clothing of indigenous women like herself

The ‘Cholita Mona Lisa’ was bought by a U.S. citizen for $50

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