737 MAX brand faces uncertain future at Boeing

Boeing is set to win approval this week to put its grounded 737 MAX back in the air, but that's unlikely to be the end of the road to recovery for what used to be its fastest-selling jet.

The MAX brand has been severely tarnished by the two plane crashes that killed 346 people...leading industry sources familiar with the branding to predict the days are numbered for the MAX label.

Airlines want to fly the plane but at the same time want to distance themselves from the name.

American Airlines, for example, plans to start flying the 737 MAX on December 29th. Passengers will see the MAX name when booking the flight, but it won't appear on the safety cards visible in seat pockets, people familiar with the change told Reuters.

A spokeswoman for American Airlines said the safety cards were changed to simplify them and make sure the correct card is placed on each aircraft.

The airline has vowed to be transparent with customers about the MAX and will allow customers not comfortable to fly on another aircraft.

The MAX's problems have wiped out $7.5 billion in value off Boeing's corporate image, according to an estimate last year by Brand Finance.

Boeing declined to comment on the future of the plane's branding.

But changing the name of a tarnished brand has been a well-proven strategy for companies seeking to move past a crisis.

And what a crisis it's been. Canceled MAX orders this year through October stand at 1,043.

Boeing's stock is down nearly 40 percent year-to-date.