Boeing 737 MAX cleared for return - EU regulators

Boeing's modified 737 MAX airliner is safe to return to service in Europe.

The EU's Aviation Safety Agency - or EASA - made the announcement Wednesday (January 27).

It lifts a 22-month flight ban for the plane after two crashes of the jet.

EU regulators said they had 'every confidence' the plane was safe.

It comes after an independent European review of changes to the plane, ranging from cockpit software to maintenance checks and pilot training.

The EASA did say, however, that 'the journey does not end here' and they will keep monitoring MAX operations closely.

The 737 MAX was grounded by regulators all over the world in March 2019.

It happened when an Ethiopian Airlines jet crashed just five months after one flown by Indonesia's Lion Air.

346 people died in the crashes.

The U.S. lifted its ban in November, followed by Brazil and Canada.

But China, which made up a quarter of MAX sales, has not said when it will act.